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      Ausbox Group is a reputed and leading vending machines supplier and offers unique services for corporate premises in Pyrmont, Sydney. Ausbox Group places vending machines in your office and our contractors will monitor product requirements and refill the machines as required. 

      These machines will save employee's time and are an ideal form of on-site service for customers. Our vending support team offer world-class services for businesses of all sizes and domains.

      We can assure you that the vending machines at your office will never run out of stock and are well maintained through timely refilling and regular equipment servicing processes. 

      Ausbox can ensure that your machines are filled with a wide range of branded snacks and drinks, by offering healthy products for your employees and customers. 

      Ausbox Group is renowned for serving businesses across Australia and is now expanding to businesses in NSW. Enquire Now at or call us on 1800 282 622 for more details. 

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