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      Your One-Stop Solution for Battery Services in Sydney

      When it comes to finding the best battery services in Sydney, CODA Batteries is your go-to supplier. 

      We have been a family-owned business for over 70 years, and our commitment to delivering high-quality products has made us a reliable battery distributor in Sylvania Heights. We also serve the Miranda, Engadine, and Cronulla regions of Sydney.

      Whether you need marine batteries, deep cycle marine batteries, motorbike batteries, car batteries, caravan batteries, power tool batteries, truck batteries, or tractor batteries, we have you covered.

      Our marine batteries have been specifically designed to withstand the harsh sea environment, protecting your boats and yachts from unnecessary downtime. 

      We also offer affordable battery testing services. Our team of professionals is always available to advise on the best type of battery for your specific requirements.

      So, don’t let a failing battery slow you down. Call (02) 9544 6623 or visit our website to learn more about our battery services.

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